Congratulations 2017 Elkhart County Lemonade Day Winners

Best Stand Contest

1st place $200 Money Tree, 2nd & 3rd Place: Lemonade Day Recipe Cookbook

  • 1st – Twinsis ½ (357 FB likes)
  • 2nd – Lemony Spigot (197 FB likes)
  • 3rd – Greta, Lyla, and Clara’s Lemonade Stand (123 FB likes)

Goshen Best Tasting

Awarded $100, $75, $50

  • 1st – Mackenzie & Xander Vaughan (Strawberry Boba)
  • 2nd – Cassie & Sofia Oliva (TIED) (Fizzy Mango Tango Sunrise Lemonade & Triple Berry w/ a hint of mint)
  • 3rd – Caden Risse & Ella Shetler (Unicorn Lemonade – Lemonade w/ purple/pink sugar)

Elkhart Best Tasting

Awarded $100, $75, $50

  • 1st – Reesha Bhagat (Lavender Lemonade)
  • 2nd – Greta, Lyla, Clara Boecher
  • 3rd – Lucas Nelson & Anderson Zienty – Grapelade (Lemonade w/ Grape Flavoring)

Best Name

Awarded – Lemonade Day Recipe Cookbook

  • Le’me Have Lemonade by Calvin, Ian, & Will

Best Business

Awarded $250, Honored Elkhart County’s 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year locally and at Nationals, ability to participate in Jazz Festival set up to sell more lemonade, Recognized at breakfast

  • Rheesha’s Lavender Lemonade – profiting $475 and donating all of it to Second Chance Small Dog Animal Rescue while also winning the Best Tasting Lemonade at Elkhart’s contest

This was a tremendous year! We always learn and grow each year. We are proud and excited that each of you have participate and truly hit the spirit of Lemonade Day!!!